Monday, May 7, 2012

Almost Time for Disney

In a couple weeks, we will be heading to Orlando, FL for our next family vacation.  We are very excited!  This will be our first trip as a family to Disney World and Sea World.  This is also our first trip where we have planned carefully to try to limit our expenses.  We started planning in February for our trip in May.  We have always dreamed of going to Disney World but did not expect to go this soon.  We thought we would wait until our kids were a little older.  There were a couple reasons that we decided to go this year.
1) We are staying at a time share and feel like we are getting a good deal.  The total is much cheaper than what we expected for a trip to Disney World.
2)  Our youngest is 2 and is free to Disney World and SeaWorld which is saving us a couple hundred dollars.

There are a few other things that we have planned to save money while on our trip.
1) We used points that we had earned through Choice Hotels reward program to pay for most of the cost of a hotel room to spend the night on our way to Orlando.
2)  We are planning to drive straight home after our trip without spending the night.
3)  We purchased several vouchers from for restaurants in the Orlando area to try to reduce the amount of a few of our nicer meals.
4)  We are going to take lunches and snacks with us into the parks at Disney World.
5)  We are taking our own stroller instead of renting a stroller.
6)  We are loaded down with restaurant coupons and will try to use those when possible.
7)  The tickets that we purchased for Sea World come with either Free Meals for the day or a second visit to the park.  We are going to take the Free Meals option.
8)  We plan on eating at Steak and Shake on the weekend since kids eat free on the weekends.  (That is the promotion that runs in our state, so as long as that is true, we will eat there.)  We will keep our eyes open for any other restaurant promotions for Free Kids Meals.
9)  The place we are staying has a full kitchen, so we will buy groceries for our breakfast and may possibly cook our own meals a couple times.
10) Our time share promotion came with a Kids Eat Free card that is accepted at various restaurants in the area. We will use that when possible.

Most importantly, we are planning on having a great time!  We can't wait to see the smiles on our children's faces!

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