Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney World Family Vacations on a Budget

We are currently planning our next trip in May to add to our years of family vacations on a budget.  We are very excited to be going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  A couple months ago when we started discussing where we could go for vacation this year, I checked the cost of packages at Disney World on their website.  The cost was about $1,500 to $2,000 more than what we were prepared to spend for our typical vacation.  My aunt suggested looking at timeshare offers.  We did and found that it was perfect for us to enjoy another of our family vacations on a budget.  We will have to attend a 90 minute presentation where they try to convince you to buy a timeshare, but the savings is worth 90 minutes to us.  The timeshare package we booked includes a seven night stay in a two bedroom condo, 3 three day tickets to Disney World, 3 tickets to SeaWorld (includes free food for the day at SeaWorld), and 2 Kids Eat Free Cards.  In addition to the savings the timeshare offer presents, we also are taking advantage of our youngest child being FREE to Disney and SeaWorld since he is only 2.  That saves quite a bit!

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