Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saving on Meals for Family Vacations on a Budget

As we prepare for our next trip to add to our memories of family vacations on a budget, we are thinking about ways to save money on our meals.  We are planning to go to Orlando for seven nights and stay in a time-share resort that has a full kitchen.  So, for this particular trip, we are going to save on meals by
1. Taking breakfast items with us from home or stopping at a grocery store in Orlando. 2. We received a Kids Eat Free Card when we booked our lodging.  So, we will use that whenever possible.  3. We may try to prepare a few meals in our suite.  4. We are going to buy several gift cards from Restaurant.com for various restaurants in Orlando hopefully when they are running a good sale on the cards.  5.  We will also look for any restaurants running Kids Eat Free promotions.  With all of these possibilities, we should be able to save quite a bit.  We will be keeping our eyes open for any other ideas to help save on our family vacations on a budget.

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  1. Good ideas. Good luck with this blog stuff!