Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Vacations on a Budget

Each year when deciding where to go for our family vacation, we always have the same questions.  Where can we go that will be fun, but affordable?  How can we cut costs to add another trip to our memories of family vacations on a budget?  Following are a few ideas to help make your memories of family vacations on a budget.

1.) Select a destination that is within your comfortable driving distance to avoid the cost of airline tickets.
2.) If you prefer not to stay in hotels, search online for deals for cabins, etc.  In the past, we have stayed in places that offered, buy 2 nights get 2 free.
3.) Research the off-season for your destination.  This may help with lodging costs.
4.) Stay in a time-share resort.  You will have to attend a presentation, but it might be worth it in order to stay within your budget.
5.) If you do stay in a place that has a kitchen, choose to eat some of your meals there instead of eating out.
6.) Stay at a hotel that offers FREE breakfast, or bring breakfast items with you.
7.) Eat at restaurants that offer FREE kids meals.
8.) Search online for discounted attraction tickets.
9.) If you have very young children (under 3), look for attractions where that age group is FREE or heavily discounted, but is still something they would enjoy.
10.) Always include some FREE activities in your itinerary, such as visiting local parks or wildlife, nature areas.

Remember to "think differently" when planning your family vacations on a budget.

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