Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Vacations on a Budget - Areas to Save - Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, one of the major areas where you can save money during family vacations on a budget are meals.  Typically, when we go on vacation, we eat most of our lunches and dinners at restaurants.  However, we either bring breakfast items with us or stop at a grocery store when we arrive to purchase our breakfast items.  If we are not going to be staying in a cabin or condo, we try to find a hotel with a free breakfast.  So, breakfast is an easy meal to save money for us.  Plus, we save a little time by having a quick breakfast.  Another way to save on meals, when taking family vacations on a budget, is to eat lunch at sit down restaurants rather than eating dinner there.  Those types of restaurants should have a special lunch menu with cheaper prices.  Other ideas include checking restaurant websites and Facebook pages for coupons and using  While driving through the city you are visiting, look for specials posted on the restaurant signs.  We have eaten at several restaurants while on vacation based on the specials listed on their signs.  It does take a little effort, but it is possible to save on meals while taking family vacations on a budget.

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