Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Vacations on a Budget - Major Areas to Save - Part 3

Another major area where you may be able to save money for family vacations on a budget is travel expenses.  Travel expenses are costs such as airline tickets and gas.  For savings on airline tickets, it is important to check the price of flights from different airlines.  You may find cheaper tickets just by flying with a different airline.  Another option is to book your flight through travel websites, such as or  An idea to save money on gas is to purchase gas from stations who may offer discounts.  For instance, Kroger customers with a Kroger Plus card can get cents off gas by scanning their Kroger card.  Another option is to purchase your gas with a credit card that offers cash back on gas purchases.  We have a credit card that offers 5% cash back on gas purchases at different times during the year.  While that isn't a big savings, it will help a little.  Keep in mind, however, that if you do not pay off the balance of the credit card each month, you will not be saving any money.  Family vacations on a budget are possible with a little creative savings thinking.

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