Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Vacations on a Budget - Major Areas to Save - Part 4

Finally, to Part 4 of Major Areas to Save for family vacations on a budget.  The final area that I wanted to discuss is what will you actually "do" on your vacation.  Some families prefer to relax while others stay busy seeing the sites.  We try to do a little of both on most of our vacations.  So, if you are a family who likes to relax, you will probably be able to take cheaper family vacations on a budget than those who like to see everything they can see.  Here are a few ideas for those families who want to save on their vacation activities.

  • Check the websites of places you plan to visit before you leave home to see if there are any coupons available.
  • Keep your eyes open for coupons in newspapers, on soda cans, etc.  In our area, there are often coupons for Six Flags in St. Louis on soda cans.
  • Some attractions offer a discount if you purchase tickets to several places at the same time.  When we travel to Gatlinburg, TN, there are discounts available if you purchase tickets for several of the Ripley attractions in one purchase.
  • Timeshares - Timeshares not only offer discounts on lodging, but also on attraction tickets.  We are planning a trip to Orlando, FL in May.  We are going to stay at a timeshare resort where we are receiving a good price on lodging, tickets to Disney World and Sea World.  
Check back often for more ideas for taking family vacations on a budget!

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